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Playing with fire and light

Last week I was at the M’era Luna festival in Hildesheim, Germany and I got to see next to awesome acts like Marylin Manson some Fire Dancers at the medival market that is set up there each year.

I use a relatively simple camera. It’s a Nikon Coolpix S3100.

All I did was turn the stabilizer on, turned the flash off and deactivated the macro mode.

I was quite impressed with the results. See for yourself.


Quick and easy Hack: March

Looks like his segment is becoming a bi monthly one 😉

I recently started experimenting with EL Tape and the results are relatively quick and fun.

The stuff Tron is made of ;)

The stuff Tron is made of 😉

All you need are some soldering and sewing skills.

Apply a Velcro fabric to your favorite Jacket and apply the rough plastic part to your EL Tape.

All you then need to do is find a decent way to wire it all to the inverter and battery.

Who needs a cell phone pocket? ;)

Who needs a cell phone pocket? 😉

Battery and Inverter

Battery and Inverter

The Result speaks for itself.

Urban ilumination

I am sooooooo close.

Let’s hope they survive a while after this successful test run.

As a proof of concept and as Promised by me^^ Here are the Videos ^^

This is what the sole of the shoes look like


Let there be light

Before Maker Faire Hannover I announced that I would be showing up with these shoes.


Unfortunately I encountered some technical issues. Layout, wire cuts etc.

But after some trying around I seem to have solved the problems.

I’ll release a video when it works as expected. 😉

Countdown to Maker Faire Hannover

We have only one more day to go until Germany gets it’s very first Maker Faire.

Yours truly will be there and I’ll be wearing these shoes.


Wonder what the connector is good for? 😉


Here’s a hint^^


See you at Maker Faire Hannover 🙂

More photos and maybe some video from there coming soon 😉