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Quick and easy Hack: April

Here’s something I didn’t expect to work.
While i was preparing a meal that you cook in a bag it got torn.

I sealed the tear with some packing tape and thought: “What the heck” if it fails.


But to my surprise the tape sealed off the tear.

And the meal?

Delicious šŸ˜‰



Quick and easy Hack (January)

So. I decided to make the quick and easy hack into a monthly segment where I demonstrate
a hack that requires minimum time and effort but has a very practical outcome.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

No one would ever imagine that you can hack something out of something as bog standard as a toilet roll.


Except when you cut it in half it can conveniently hold and store all the cables and peripherals with wires
attached to it without having to tie them together as with Velcro or cable ties.

You can even label them for quicker reference.


Even bulkier devices like this external hard drive can be stored tidier.


You couldn’t have a cheaper and easier way to put order to the matter.