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Keyboard Cardboard Table

Like I said in my last post, there is no limits as to what you can build.
I recommend however to add screws and support beams where needed.
There is only so much you can build with glue only.

The results however are awesome 😉

Your thoughts?


Cardboard tube furniture

In January I posted my first experiments using cardboard tubing.
See here.

Since then I have continued to find out more useful shapes for this mostly overlooked material.
Using only wood glue you can create almost any geometric shape to use as a stand for various purposes.
In my case I chose a triangular form.


This has proven to be quite useful with both my Speakers and my Printer.


I also got the impression that the stands made my Speakers got a little more resonant. Feel free to give me your Feedback in that matter. 🙂

I also tried to add paint to one of my bedside tables. If you like to add color I suggest you use a sponge paint roller and apply a base coat to the cardboard as it is absorbent and will make any discoloring or prints beneath visible if only the color is applied.




In the end you are only limited by your imagination as to what kind of furniture you can make.
How big can you go?
Find out in my next post 😉

Cardboard Furniture: A experiment with surprising results

The benefit of working for a logistics company is that I do get a chance to work with things that get used once and the get thrown away.
A couple of months back I came across these very solid looking cardboard rolls.


They were the carriers for the
plastic sheets used to wrap up goods on pallets before they get shipped.

I remembered various other projects I saw on Make: Magazine, etc. that used cardboard boxes as their primary material. I decided to create a simple right-angular object from my material of choice to test the stability and usability of the tubes.

All I needed were some sturdy clamps that were large enough, and some wood glue. I considered using more invasive materials like screws. But I wanted to see how far I could get with just that.



I started by adding wood glue to one of the tubes in a zigzag pattern to make sure that the glue would completely make contact with the tube I placed next to it.




I repeated the process until I had four tubes in a row.

I then added the clamps to apply the pressure necessary to bond the tubes together. I then spread any excess glue evenly between the tubes with a finer paint brush. I added extra glue where I saw necessary.


When that was all dry I created a duplicate row of four the same way.


With two sides complete I started connecting them using two more tubes.
I glued one tube in it’s place and used the second at first as a placeholder when clamping it down.



After that hat dried, all I needed to do was glue the last tube in place and eureka.



I decided to test my creation as a bedside table. It turned out to be more practical than I expected.

Now that I have a proof of concept I plan on making a duplicate bedside table and paint them both.
Stay tuned for more.

Downsizing furniture

I had this shelf for books DVD’s etc literally lying around with no where to use it.

Something needs to be done...

Something needs to be done…

So I decided to cut it down into two equal halves….

and place it at the entrance for more shoe storage when guests arrive.


Or when I get more footwear. 😀