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Cardboard tube furniture

In January I posted my first experiments using cardboard tubing.
See here.

Since then I have continued to find out more useful shapes for this mostly overlooked material.
Using only wood glue you can create almost any geometric shape to use as a stand for various purposes.
In my case I chose a triangular form.


This has proven to be quite useful with both my Speakers and my Printer.


I also got the impression that the stands made my Speakers got a little more resonant. Feel free to give me your Feedback in that matter. 🙂

I also tried to add paint to one of my bedside tables. If you like to add color I suggest you use a sponge paint roller and apply a base coat to the cardboard as it is absorbent and will make any discoloring or prints beneath visible if only the color is applied.




In the end you are only limited by your imagination as to what kind of furniture you can make.
How big can you go?
Find out in my next post 😉


Just add red

If you have household items that are either scratched or beige due to old age then you might want to try and apply a little spray paint to them.

Take these egg cups for example.

The chrome ones had heavy scratches and the plastic ones only look white with the camera flash on. 😉

A little paint does a neat job.

So think about it next time something in your household looks worn.

Custom sink plug

These things seem to be in fashion right now.


But I want something no one else has 😉

And there you have it.
Just need the paint to dry 😀


More wearable lighting

I am really starting to develop a fondness for wearable electronics.^^

Wonder what I’ll come up with next? 😀

Urban ilumination

I am sooooooo close.

Let’s hope they survive a while after this successful test run.

As a proof of concept and as Promised by me^^ Here are the Videos ^^

This is what the sole of the shoes look like


Maker Faire Hannover

Well. It has been a exciting day for me at germanys first Maker Faire.
And as it might take too long to get my impressions across using words….

How about some Photos?

And some video ^^

Bass Guitar playing robot =)

Part 2

Part 3

This blows…

My Speakers have served me well so far and have delivered a nice sound.


Until THIS happened.



Yes. Due to old age, my speakers dissolved recently and needed replacing.
It’s a good thing that I live near a Thrift shop as they are called in the states.

One of my local recycling centres / second hand stores.

I got a nice newer pair for both boxes for just 10 euros.
Here is a close up of one of them.

New speaker

New speaker

And now from afar.



Try getting a modern set of speakers fixed that easy 😉

All I needed was a set of screw drivers, a soldering iron and some needle nose pliers.^^