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I F***ing love Sugru :D

Yep I just cannot emphasize enough just exactly how brilliant Sugru is.

It feels, handles and shapes its-self just like play dough. But when it has cured, it has all the awesome properties of rubber.

Car key

Just when you think you have run out of ideas, you find something else that can be fixed with it.


Gear-knob 2

So here are just a few of the things i used Sugru for.

Antenna seal

There seem to be no limits. 😀

Rubber feet

None at all. ^^



Things you find in a second-hand store: Part 2

If you are a maker like me then second-hand stores or thrift shops become ideal places to find things for your next project or to find something quite unique.

Like that one time i found a piece of Space Shuttle heat shield tile that must have belonged to a High school physics demonstration kit.

Klick here for that find

And this time i have found a design item that usually isn’t a bargain.

This sweet looking LED design clock for 15€.

Soooo bright^^

I looked it up and it was sold originally by Kare Design under the product name “Update”. Good luck Finding something for 15€ ;D

I got all the information on my clock from
this site.

So as you can see it’s not just broken VCR’s and wobbly furniture that you find at a second-hand store.
Sometimes you find a gem or two.
You just need to look 😉