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My MiniDisk battery mod

Hi there.
It’s been a while since I posted something here on my blog.
So I decided it’s time to make some more videos on YouTube.

Today I’ll be modifying my MiniDisk MZ-N710 to run on AA batteries instead of those abysmal gumstick batteries.
Hope you find it entertaining. 😉


Quick and easy Hack: March

Looks like his segment is becoming a bi monthly one 😉

I recently started experimenting with EL Tape and the results are relatively quick and fun.

The stuff Tron is made of ;)

The stuff Tron is made of 😉

All you need are some soldering and sewing skills.

Apply a Velcro fabric to your favorite Jacket and apply the rough plastic part to your EL Tape.

All you then need to do is find a decent way to wire it all to the inverter and battery.

Who needs a cell phone pocket? ;)

Who needs a cell phone pocket? 😉

Battery and Inverter

Battery and Inverter

The Result speaks for itself.