Siemens industrial clock revived

I recently got to work on a Industrial clock by Siemens. These types of clocks were originally used in an industrial or public place like a railway station. They were so called slave clocks connected to a extremely precise master clock. After every minute a small 12v current was sent to the slave clock to move the hand one minute further. After another minute, the … Continue reading Siemens industrial clock revived

I F***ing love Sugru :D

Yep I just cannot emphasize enough just exactly how brilliant Sugru is. It feels, handles and shapes its-self just like play dough. But when it has cured, it has all the awesome properties of rubber. Just when you think you have run out of ideas, you find something else that can be fixed with it. So here are just a few of the things i … Continue reading I F***ing love Sugru 😀