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Ikea + Sugru = Awesome

Well another Birthday has come and gone. I’ve also had some vacation time. So now seems to be the ideal time to hack stuff.

My Sister bought this beginner Hookah for my birthday and I was looking forward to giving it a try.
But this particular model had an issue.

Red 1 hose hookah

As you can maybe see for yourself…

The most annoying thing is the base.
It is way too small. Either you have a lot of water but little smoke or you have a little water and lots of not too well filtered smoke.

So i decided to do a little Ikea-Hacking so this is what I bought.

1 “Lansa” Handle from ikea
1 “Hämta” carafe also from Ikea
1 5 grams packet of sugru (any color)

Tools required:
Pair of hands 😉
Small Metal files or a Drehmel with a diamond cutting disc

I began by placing my “Lansa” handle into a vice and cutting a 17 cm piece of pipe from it. I then deburred the sharp edges using the diamond cutting disk of my Proxxon mini drill.
I prefer Proxxon over a Drehmel because of their reliability.
Make sure it is all smooth.

With the edges nice and smooth I continued by connecting the tube to the stem of my hookah using 5 grams of Sugru. Extending the stem with an airtight and non toxic gasket.

After letting the Sugru cure for 24 hours (Keep it level using books or mags) I removed the original base grommet and replaced it with the grommet from the “Hämta” carafe. You will have to cut it down to size a bit. I used a nice sharp pair of scissors.

Now all that is left to do is to place it all on its new stylish hand made glass base. 😉

What a difference ^^

I’ll make a video of it in action as soon as I have time.^^

Feel free to leave me your feedback wherever you please.

And what about the parts that are left?

Just put them together. 😉

Now all you need is a cork and some string and you have a lantern for your table 😀


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