Real life Mac Gyverisms and more.

Things you find in a second-hand store: Part 2

If you are a maker like me then second-hand stores or thrift shops become ideal places to find things for your next project or to find something quite unique.

Like that one time i found a piece of Space Shuttle heat shield tile that must have belonged to a High school physics demonstration kit.

Klick here for that find

And this time i have found a design item that usually isn’t a bargain.

This sweet looking LED design clock for 15€.

Soooo bright^^

I looked it up and it was sold originally by Kare Design under the product name “Update”. Good luck Finding something for 15€ ;D

I got all the information on my clock from
this site.

So as you can see it’s not just broken VCR’s and wobbly furniture that you find at a second-hand store.
Sometimes you find a gem or two.
You just need to look 😉


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