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Cardboard Furniture: A experiment with surprising results

The benefit of working for a logistics company is that I do get a chance to work with things that get used once and the get thrown away.
A couple of months back I came across these very solid looking cardboard rolls.


They were the carriers for the
plastic sheets used to wrap up goods on pallets before they get shipped.

I remembered various other projects I saw on Make: Magazine, etc. that used cardboard boxes as their primary material. I decided to create a simple right-angular object from my material of choice to test the stability and usability of the tubes.

All I needed were some sturdy clamps that were large enough, and some wood glue. I considered using more invasive materials like screws. But I wanted to see how far I could get with just that.



I started by adding wood glue to one of the tubes in a zigzag pattern to make sure that the glue would completely make contact with the tube I placed next to it.




I repeated the process until I had four tubes in a row.

I then added the clamps to apply the pressure necessary to bond the tubes together. I then spread any excess glue evenly between the tubes with a finer paint brush. I added extra glue where I saw necessary.


When that was all dry I created a duplicate row of four the same way.


With two sides complete I started connecting them using two more tubes.
I glued one tube in it’s place and used the second at first as a placeholder when clamping it down.



After that hat dried, all I needed to do was glue the last tube in place and eureka.



I decided to test my creation as a bedside table. It turned out to be more practical than I expected.

Now that I have a proof of concept I plan on making a duplicate bedside table and paint them both.
Stay tuned for more.


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