Real life Mac Gyverisms and more.

Happy Halloween

Hi everybody.

Today I’d like to share what costume I’m wearing to a friends Halloween party.


Thats right. A Ghostbuster^^

Why that costume?

I love the Movie.

Here are the things that are already done.

Ecto Goggles:

I put this together using cheap Chinese welding goggles (less than 2€), an led torch (a promotion thing i had lying around), a battery clip for a aa battery (from ebay for pennys) and pieces from a toy pirate telescope from the dollar store (guess the price) ^^

Light shines through the right and you can see where you are going through the left. 😀

The Belt:

A military style belt i got from the thrift shop. (best place to go prop hunting)

Hooks key rings etc. :

This lot is a mix between dollar store and ebay.

Just get creative. It doesn’t all have to be screen accurate 😉

The Gloves:

All you need are chemical or electrical gloves made of rubber.
Do some searching online and get it wherever you like^^

The P.A.S.S. device:

This dummy motion sensor similar to the one in the movie is just a plastic cigarette box.
I spray painted it yellow and just added fake markings and a fake switch at the top.

Super glue does the jop well enough 😉

Belt gizmo

Just like with most of the belt I decided to do my own take on the belt gizmo rather than looking myself silly for screen accurate parts.

Not too bad what you can get out of an old calculator, some led’s and resistors , a 9v battery and a small utensil case. 😉

You can make your own coiled wire rather than searching for a telephone cord.
Just wrap some wire around a narrow metal rod and hit it with a heat gun for a couple of seconds.
Just look on for a guide.

The Jumpsuit

This was sadly the dearest and yet the easiest to find.
These flight suits always get sold on ebay.

The patches are from etsy.

I used Velcro to attach the patches so I can take them off and wash the Jumpsuit without them.

And that sums it up for now.

I’ll post updates as soon as something gets added to the costume^^

If you would like to know more on certain details of the costume just let me know 🙂

To all out there celebrating on time or at the weekend
have a Happy Halloween^^


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