Real life Mac Gyverisms and more.

Call me the Keymaster ;D

After almost 13 years of service my car’s ignition key decided to do this…


Luckily however it didn’t break in the ignition or the door lock.
So I went to a local key maker to have to have a copy cut.


I could have used the spare but you can probably guess why it is the spare. ;D


The key maker however made me aware of something i never had thought of.

My car had an immobilizer…

I could unlock the car even put the copy in the ignition. But as soon as i turned the key I was greeted with this light on the dashboard.


The key maker was kind enough to give me the copy free of charge as a means to at least get into my car.

I sat in my car. Both broken key and copy in my hand. And there I had an idea.


“What would happen if I used the copy in the ignition, and held the originals handle at the lock at the same time?”

I held the key at the ignition, turned the copy in the lock and my car sprung to life.

I could put my original key in my pocket and drive home.

On the way I started to come up with an ideal way to fuse my old car key handle to the new copy.

If you are asking yourself: “Jeez. Why did you not just go buy a new one from your dealers?”

The answer is simple. It would have meant waiting days for my key to arrive as they would have to code a new key cut it and send it to my dealers.

And after all that fun I would get to pay the “dirt cheap” sum of 40€…..

So why do all that, when all I need to do is to transplant the chip in to the copy?

So here is how I did it:

1. Use a hacksaw for metal to cut off the remaining half of the broken key. Cut as straight as possible.

2. Cut the loop off of the copy and make sure that the remaining handle is nice and even.


3. Using a two-part adhesive, fuse the handles together. Use play dough to keep the segments in place and to keep the resin in check.

I finished off by adding some plasti dip to the handle to give it a more unified look and to seal the whole thing off a little more.

Aaaaand it works. What more would I want? 😉


2 responses

  1. santos

    scotsman, it was for a good cause! you were on your way to renovate hackerspace, removing the nicotine-soaked drop ceiling. maybe the broken key was you car’s way to commemorate your noble efforts.

    October 12, 2013 at 22:45

    • I can think of better ways to be remembered by that day xD

      October 31, 2013 at 19:36

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