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A little Ikea hacking

I love those Jansjö led lamps.

I have one on my bandsaw and one at my desk for soldering.

Sadly the clamp decided to break.

Even if I glued it using epoxy, I’m sure that it would break somewhere else because I assume that this part is engineered to fail.

I freed the lamp from the broken clamp and am looking for a place to permanently attach it to.

But I already know what I can do with these suction cups.

Get some superglue.

Glue them as shown…

…so that both sides are level.

Put one side on the screen…

…and the other half on a smooth surface.

Take your selfies hands free. B)

Coming soon…

Here are a few photos of projects to come.

I can’t wait to see them finished. 🙂

You can do nothing with half a grill? 

Except make a awesome fire basket. 🙂

Restoring a old fan

A couple of days ago, my neighbour was throwing away his old fan.
I asked him if I could have it for the parts and he gladly handed it over.


After opening the controls, I realised quickly that I just needed to resolder some existing connections.


I completely disassembled the fan, put the housing and all non electrical parts in the dishwasher to remove the caked on dust.


I then decided to repaint the entire device.


I replaced the broken base with a modified board originally used for  wheeling plant pots.


The result speaks for itself.


DIY Kitchen Shelf

Well. This one does explain itself. I used some scrap wood from an old wardrobe I disassembled years ago, cut the Base to fit over my heater and added angled uprights to store my cookbooks.

The wood was originally light brown so I painted the parts with whitewash before assembling it all.

It turned out better than I thought.


All it took was some wood and four screws.

My MiniDisk battery mod

Hi there.
It’s been a while since I posted something here on my blog.
So I decided it’s time to make some more videos on YouTube.

Today I’ll be modifying my MiniDisk MZ-N710 to run on AA batteries instead of those abysmal gumstick batteries.
Hope you find it entertaining. 😉

My Action Cam is here

So my actioncam is finally here so I thought I’d write a little review.

The Innov C3.

The Innovv C3 is a action camera that breaks with some of the conventions of traditional action cameras to achieve a greater range of functionality.

Unlike most action cams of today, the camera and recording device are separate components connected by a very sturdy one and a half meter HDMI wire that is hardwired into the camera.

Both the recording device and the camera are in a solid-looking aluminum housing which give the C3 a sturdier look that sometimes even the more pricier action cameras lack.

It’s light weight, but you don’t get the feeling that you could squash it in your hand due to cheap plastic.

Rather than bombard you with the specs, here is the sheet, Innovv provide on their website.

Feel free to pause at this point.

Moving right along.

The C3 comes delivered in a quite decent looking box with lots of additional components.

A handlebar clip for Bikes and Motorcycles. Maybe even for roll cages if it fits.

The clip for the camera is screwed on a standard thread so you can put other cameras on it.

My Nikon Coolpix S3100 fits perfectly on it.

The same versatility goes for the sticky back mount with an adjustable hinge.

There are two stick on Velcro strips for added versatility for all of the sticky back mounts

You have two usb cables. One 1.2 meter cable for charging and data transfer and a 4 meter dash cam cable for your car. A USB adapter for your car cigarette lighter is also included.

A USB to AV cable is also included to connect the recording device to the TV.

Included are also two sticky back mounts with adjustable camera clips that you can use it for your

motorcycle Helmet.

A lapel microphone is also included. Here is how they sound like.

Lastly there is also a headset to use the camera for first person video recording.

This is the part that intrigued me the most about this set up.

I however am using it on my work glasses combined with one of the sticky back clips to film my projects.

I first tried out the headset and was positively surprised of how comfortable it was to wear.

Most headsets for phones use the earlobe to support the weight.

Innovvs headset used padded surfaces that press evenly against your Head which makes wearing it over longer periods of time no issue.

This is of course only my personal experience and more sensitive people might have a different reaction.

What made me however opt for my d.i.y. glasses were some noticeable issues I recognized through usage.

There is a metal brace that goes around the back of your head to assure that the headset applies an even pressure to both sides of your head.

However it stands to far out at the back. This means that leaning against the headrest of a car or standing with your back against the wall becomes impossible because the headset gets pushed around

An adjustable brace would not only eliminate this issue it would add extra support to the whole peripheral.

Another problem with the headset is the positioning of the cameras clip. It is almost right next to your cheekbone which results in sometimes having the side of your face in the shot.

The hinge that the clip is connected to is also too loose it doesn’t click in place allowing the camera to pan when brushed against the headset.

My configuration using my d.i.y. glasses eliminated that issue too, which brings me however to my biggest issue with the camera.

The HDMI cable. Whilst it serves well to use the C3 as a dashcam or a motorcycle cam, its uses as a p.o.v. camera are hindered noticeably by the same feature that makes it great for the other uses.

The cable is too stiff and inflexible

I tried to conceal the cam under my Jacket by running the HDMI cable down my back and around my waist. Although I left a little excess wire sticking out of my Jackets collar, turning my head to the side the camera was mounted to was impossible.

The cable would always push against it.

If there was a port in the back of the camera I could use a looped HDMI cable or any cable for that matter that gives me enough flexibility.

Would I recommend the C3?

Well with its Price at around 120 US Dollars, its large ammount of peripherals and it’s Video quality you do get a decent action camera.

And if the issues I mentioned were improved upon in later versions I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

There is great potential for using it for p.o.v. footage.

Maybe someone at Innovv watches this Video and can make the improvements I mentioned.