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Things you find in a second-hand store: Part 2

If you are a maker like me then second-hand stores or thrift shops become ideal places to find things for your next project or to find something quite unique.

Like that one time i found a piece of Space Shuttle heat shield tile that must have belonged to a High school physics demonstration kit.

Klick here for that find

And this time i have found a design item that usually isn’t a bargain.

This sweet looking LED design clock for 15€.

Soooo bright^^

I looked it up and it was sold originally by Kare Design under the product name “Update”. Good luck Finding something for 15€ ;D

I got all the information on my clock from
this site.

So as you can see it’s not just broken VCR’s and wobbly furniture that you find at a second-hand store.
Sometimes you find a gem or two.
You just need to look ;)

Custom sink plug

These things seem to be in fashion right now.


But I want something no one else has ;)

And there you have it.
Just need the paint to dry :D


Quick and easy Hack: April

Here’s something I didn’t expect to work.
While i was preparing a meal that you cook in a bag it got torn.

I sealed the tear with some packing tape and thought: “What the heck” if it fails.


But to my surprise the tape sealed off the tear.

And the meal?

Delicious ;)


Quick and easy Hack: March

Looks like his segment is becoming a bi monthly one ;)

I recently started experimenting with EL Tape and the results are relatively quick and fun.

The stuff Tron is made of ;)

The stuff Tron is made of ;)

All you need are some soldering and sewing skills.

Apply a Velcro fabric to your favorite Jacket and apply the rough plastic part to your EL Tape.

All you then need to do is find a decent way to wire it all to the inverter and battery.

Who needs a cell phone pocket? ;)

Who needs a cell phone pocket? ;)

Battery and Inverter

Battery and Inverter

The Result speaks for itself.


So I went to Ikea today and saw this Picture.


I saw three distinct elements. A typewriter, red letters and a manuscript page.


Being a fan of Stanley Kubricks films and Steven Kings Novels one thing led to another.

And in the end I had THIS neat fanart :)

How do you like it? :D

How do you like it? :D

Cardboard Furniture: A experiment with surprising results

The benefit of working for a logistics company is that I do get a chance to work with things that get used once and the get thrown away.
A couple of months back I came across these very solid looking cardboard rolls.


They were the carriers for the
plastic sheets used to wrap up goods on pallets before they get shipped.

I remembered various other projects I saw on Make: Magazine, etc. that used cardboard boxes as their primary material. I decided to create a simple right-angular object from my material of choice to test the stability and usability of the tubes.

All I needed were some sturdy clamps that were large enough, and some wood glue. I considered using more invasive materials like screws. But I wanted to see how far I could get with just that.



I started by adding wood glue to one of the tubes in a zigzag pattern to make sure that the glue would completely make contact with the tube I placed next to it.




I repeated the process until I had four tubes in a row.

I then added the clamps to apply the pressure necessary to bond the tubes together. I then spread any excess glue evenly between the tubes with a finer paint brush. I added extra glue where I saw necessary.


When that was all dry I created a duplicate row of four the same way.


With two sides complete I started connecting them using two more tubes.
I glued one tube in it’s place and used the second at first as a placeholder when clamping it down.



After that hat dried, all I needed to do was glue the last tube in place and eureka.



I decided to test my creation as a bedside table. It turned out to be more practical than I expected.

Now that I have a proof of concept I plan on making a duplicate bedside table and paint them both.
Stay tuned for more.

Quick and easy Hack (January)

So. I decided to make the quick and easy hack into a monthly segment where I demonstrate
a hack that requires minimum time and effort but has a very practical outcome.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

No one would ever imagine that you can hack something out of something as bog standard as a toilet roll.


Except when you cut it in half it can conveniently hold and store all the cables and peripherals with wires
attached to it without having to tie them together as with Velcro or cable ties.

You can even label them for quicker reference.


Even bulkier devices like this external hard drive can be stored tidier.


You couldn’t have a cheaper and easier way to put order to the matter.


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